Project Meeting in Milan and Lentate sul Seveso: A Triumph of European Collaboration 

May 31, 2024

On May 28 and 29, 2024, Milan and Lentate sul Seveso became the vibrant centers of the ALLVIEW project, hosting a crucial meeting at the Federlegno Arredo (FLA) and ASLAM headquarters. This event brought together 22 organizations from across Europe, with over 50 representatives, with the goal of reviewing the progress made and planning the final phases of the project. 

The first day took place at the main headquarters of Federlegno Arredo in Milan. Participants were warmly welcomed by representatives from CETEM, FLA, and ASLAM. This meeting represented an important opportunity to discuss the overall management of the project, reviewing the latest milestones achieved and the deliverables already completed. In addition, pending tasks and upcoming deadlines were examined, with a particular focus on the preparation of the final report and financial management. The discussion also included an overview of the next payments and the final balance, ensuring that all partners were aligned on the crucial financial issues for the conclusion of the project. 

A key aspect of the meeting was the in-depth discussion on the quality and impact of the project, led by AMBIT. Subsequently, updates and recent developments of the project’s platform were discussed, presented by UPCT. This led to an interesting session dedicated to integrating the platform’s resources with other project outcomes, with particular attention to virtual mobility and the connection with the New European Bauhaus Academy Alliance, topics addressed by AMUEBLA, FLA, and INNOVAWOOD. 

The day concluded with a partners’ dinner, offering a valuable opportunity to strengthen the bonds between participants in an informal and convivial setting. 

On the second day, the meeting moved to Lentate sul Seveso, at the Artwood Academy. The day began with a tour of the Academy, followed by a series of presentations and discussions focused on the final steps of the various work packages (WPs). Topics such as the remaining mobility sessions and the involvement of third parties were addressed, aiming to maximize the impact of mobility initiatives. EURADA updated participants on the final developments of WP6, while CEIPES led the discussion on the dissemination of the project and the pending activities. 

A particularly significant moment was dedicated to the planning of the project’s final conference and the discussion on the long-term sustainability of ALLVIEW, exploring the possibility of an ALLVIEW 2.0. This session saw active and proactive participation from all present, highlighting the importance of continuing to work together for the future. 

The meeting concluded with the participants’ transfer to the airports, closing two intense but extremely productive days. 

This meeting represented a fundamental step for the ALLVIEW project, highlighting the strong collaboration among European partners and reinforcing the common commitment to achieving the set goals. The discussions and decisions made during these two days will be crucial to ensuring the success of the final phases of the project and laying the foundations for future collaborative initiatives.