Wood & Furniture Industry COMPANIES and HE/VET Centres in Europe – a Network of Excellence

The database developed by ALLVIEW aims to map the most significant and attractive entities for students in the Wood-Furniture sector in Europe in different countries involved. 


Companies, VET and HE centers

The interactive map shows Companies, VET and HE centers at European level dedicated that supports the VET and TVET excellence for the furniture industry. 


Working model

The aim is to create a working model to facilitate young people to introduce themselves into the labour market by reducing the gap between the needs of businesses and the training ecosystem in the wood-furniture industry. 


Skilled labor

This also facilitates students in the search for work or specialized qualified education, thus also improving the supply of skilled labor. 


Useful tool 

The European vocation of the project and of the database makes the map a useful tool to broaden students’ horizons on a sector that is developed throughout Europe. 

You can navigate the map looking for

By clicking on the symbol, you can see relevant information about the VET / HE or the Company and their contacts. 

The map is constantly updated, following the evolution of the Wood-Furniture industry, keep in touch!

VET and HE centers

For VET / HE, on the other hand, there is information such as the courses related to the proposed sector and the relevant EQF levels. 

Are you a VET / HE center and do you want to be included in the database? 


About Companies, you will find relevant information such as the sector they belong to, the number of employees, turnover and more. 

Are you a VET / HE center and do you want to be included in the database?