The first meeting face to face in Yecla (Spain)

Oct 11, 2021

On the 4th and 5th October the first face to face meeting of ALLVIEW project took place in Yecla, Spain.
ALLVIEW – Alliance of Centres of Vocational Excellence in the Furniture and Wood Sector (project number: 621192-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-EPPKA3-VET-COVE) is a project implemented under the Erasmus+ programme KA3 – Support for policy reform.
The project is carried out thanks to the cooperation of a22 partners from different European countries, backgrounds, and expertise.
Allview project focuses the attention on the role that centers of professional excellence have in EU VET policy, a topic which today is becoming of particular importance. In particular the project focuses on VET centers of excellence in 2 specific sectors, namely: furniture and wood. Within these two sectors, EU VET schools seek to implement effective laboratory activities for the training of their students through the use of “traditional methods” of wood and furniture manufacturing.
The meeting was organized and hosted by the coordinator of the project (CETEM) who organized the two days in a in an efficient and well-structured way.
The partners met on 4th October and after the initial greetings each leader of the project activity explained in detail what was done during the first year of implementation of the project and what are the future steps to be taken to conclude certain activities.
Furthermore, training workshops were organized to give the partners skills on 3 topics very close to the project.
The first workshop was focused on the use of AR / VR technologies for the creation of the exercises that will then be realized in some project activities.
The second workshop saw the partners involved in a session of using digital tools to experiment dynamics on how to reach the project’s target audience, while the third workshop focused on how to develop low-cost audio-visual training materials.
The second day of the meeting was dedicated to the managerial part, to the dissemination results and to those of Quality assurance.
The partners will meet again in March 2022 in Amsterdam.
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