Exploring Innovations in Hospitality Design: The ALLVIEW Project’s Transnational Meeting in Barcelona 

Oct 26, 2023

From October 18th to October 20th, 2023, an exciting and productive transnational meeting took place in Barcelona, hosted by the AMBIT cluster, as part of the ALLVIEW project. This meeting brought together consortium members from various European countries to discuss project progress, financial management, and explore innovative opportunities within the field of hospitality design. One of the standout events during this meeting was the visit to Interihotel, a renowned international fair in the hospitality design industry. 

The first day of the transnational meeting featured a comprehensive agenda, focusing on the key aspects of the ALLVIEW project. The day started with an opening session hosted by AMBIT, followed by discussions on financial management and project deliverables. The project consortium members had the opportunity to explore topics such as the Learning Management System status and platform updates, which were presented by CETEM, AMUEBLA, and UPCT. 

The morning sessions also covered Work Package 5 (WP5) concerning the platform and mobilities, as well as Work Package 6 (WP6), which included a variety of topics. These discussions were led by FLA, EURADA, and other partners. 

In the afternoon, the meeting continued with sessions on dissemination and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) under Work Package 4 (WP4). CEIPES presented the dissemination strategies, while also delving into the future steps of CSR within the project. The day concluded with a presentation on Work Package 8 (WP8) and the results stemming from the impact and exploitation group by AMBIT. The day ended with discussions on other issues, as well as plans for the next meeting. 

On the second day of the meeting, consortium members had a unique opportunity to explore Interihotel, an international fair dedicated to hospitality design. Organized by the AMBIT cluster, this event provided an immersive experience into the latest trends and innovations in the field. 

Visitors from over 40 countries gathered at the event, which featured more than 175 exhibitors. The day’s schedule was as follows: 

Welcome and Agenda of the Visits: The day began with an introduction to the event and an overview of the day’s activities at the VIP lounge in Interihotel. 

Visit to Concept Rooms: Attendees had the chance to tour two concept rooms at Interihotel, which showcased innovative ideas related to the future of hotel design. These creative studios explored not only interior design but also new business models within the hospitality industry. 

Virtual Reality Concept Rooms: In a remarkable display of innovation, the meeting participants explored concept rooms in virtual reality, interacting with hologram technology. This interactive experience offered a fresh perspective on interior design and its potential for the industry. 

Free Visit to Interihotel: Following the structured visits, attendees had the freedom to explore the Interihotel fair at their own pace. With a diverse range of exhibitors, conferences, and workshops, this allowed for personalized networking and discovery. 

B2B & C2C Event: The highlight of the day was a B2B (business-to-business) and C2C (cluster-to-cluster) event aimed at fostering networking and collaboration. Attendees from the ALLVIEW project, EXCELIVING clusters, and other Spanish companies came together to explore opportunities for collaboration in the fields of education and innovation projects. 

Networking Opportunities: The B2B & C2C event included two focused tables, one for international collaborations in the field of education and another for innovation projects. These sessions featured presentations, discussions, and Q&A sessions. Individual networking opportunities allowed participants to connect and plan meetings, fostering potential partnerships. 

The transnational meeting in Barcelona hosted by the AMBIT cluster for the ALLVIEW project provided a rich and dynamic platform for collaboration, innovation, and exploration within the hospitality design industry. The visit to Interihotel showcased the latest trends and technologies in hotel and restaurant design, while the B2B & C2C event facilitated networking and potential partnerships. As the project continues to evolve, the knowledge and connections established during this meeting will undoubtedly contribute to its success and the advancement of the hospitality design field.