Empowering Wood Industry Companies Through CSR Workshops: A Step Towards Sustainable Practices 

Feb 14, 2024

In a bid to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within the wood industry in Poland, the Association of Foresters and Wood Technologists (SITLiD) embarked on a crucial phase aimed at disseminating information and fostering discussions on CSR practices. Under Work Package 4, Task 4, the focus was on identifying potential enterprises and providing coaching to enhance CSR initiatives. The recent workshop held by SITLiD marked a significant milestone in this endeavor, bringing together key stakeholders and industry players to delve into the realms of CSR. 

Titled “CSR – Introduction,” the workshop convened on October 6, 2023, at the Institute of Wood Sciences and Furniture, Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Lasting for four hours, the event provided a platform for representatives from prominent wood industry companies, including DLH GLOBAL S.A. and MARDOM PRO, to share insights and experiences. 

DLH GLOBAL S.A., renowned for its extensive presence in the Polish market and global operations, was represented by Hubert Plichta, the Product Manager. On the other hand, MARDOM PRO, a leading manufacturer of wooden curtain rods, was represented by Joanna Groszkowska, the HR Director, and Jakub Gazda, the CFO. 

The workshop also saw the participation of distinguished guests such as academic experts, including D. Sc. Piotr Borysiuk and Prof. Heorhiy Hrynyk, alongside representatives from SITLiD, enriching the discussions with their expertise. 

The workshop centered on exploring CSR pillars, particularly focusing on circular economy, inclusion of migrants and refugees, and accessibility for people with special needs. Drawing from materials developed within Work Package 4, participants delved into regional/national policies on CSR, examined good practices in the wood and furniture sectors, and discussed frameworks on Social Return of Investment. 

DLH GLOBAL S.A. and MARDOM PRO shared valuable insights into the CSR activities undertaken within their respective companies, shedding light on practical implementations and challenges faced. The exchange of experiences laid a solid foundation for future collaboration and learning. 

The workshop served as a catalyst for companies like DLH GLOBAL S.A. and MARDOM PRO to harness their potential fully. By engaging in coaching sessions and leveraging the insights gathered under Work Package 4, these companies are poised to enhance their CSR efforts, overcome barriers, and align their operations with sustainable practices. 

As the wood industry in Poland progresses towards greater sustainability and social responsibility, initiatives like the CSR workshop spearheaded by SITLiD play a pivotal role. By fostering dialogue, sharing best practices, and providing guidance, such endeavors pave the way for a more inclusive, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible industry landscape. The journey towards sustainable development requires collective action, and workshops like these serve as vital stepping stones in that direction.