Empowering Regional Furnishings Companies: Launching CSR-Shared Value Training Program 

Feb 14, 2024

In pursuit of fostering sustainable practices and enhancing competitiveness within the regional furnishings sector, AMBIT spearheaded a Preliminary regional workshop as part of WP4 – T4.4. The workshop, held on September 26th, 2023, marked the inauguration of the CSR-Shared Value Training Program. With the objective of introducing regional companies to coaching sessions aimed at developing and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies, the event garnered significant interest and participation.

Forty professionals from various furnishings companies, occupying medium to top managerial positions, engaged in the workshop.

The agenda encompassed key components such as: 

The commencement of the workshop began with a warm welcome extended to all participants, setting the tone for a collaborative and engaging session ahead. As participants settled in, attention turned to informing AMBIT member companies about the foundational concepts of the program. This segment served to familiarize attendees with the overarching objectives, structure, and anticipated benefits of the CSR-Shared Value Training Program, laying a solid groundwork for the discussions to follow. 

Led by seasoned professionals from R4S, a consultancy renowned for its expertise in CSR and B Corp certification, the workshop delved into an in-depth exploration of sustainability. Participants were immersed in a multifaceted discussion encompassing environmental, social, and economic dimensions, underscoring the integral role of CSR in driving innovation and enhancing competitiveness within the furnishings sector. Central to the discourse was the elucidation of Shared Value, elucidating its symbiotic relationship with CSR and its potential to catalyze positive change within organizations and communities alike. 

The workshop highlighted successful CSR initiatives undertaken by regional and national companies, showcasing tangible benefits. Furthermore, participants were acquainted with the B Corp certification, elucidating its advantages for long-term business sustainability. The session also introduced the coaching sessions under the ALLVIEW project, comprising online and face-to-face interactions, supplemented by ongoing support for crafting and implementing personalized CSR strategies. 

The workshop yielded promising outcomes, with 23 participants representing 18 companies committing to the coaching sessions. These sessions are poised to encompass approximately 25-30 hours, fostering a deeper understanding of CSR and Shared Value principles. Participants expressed appreciation for the insights provided, recognizing the potential benefits for their respective companies. Moreover, they pledged to disseminate acquired knowledge within their organizations, particularly among stakeholders involved in strategy formulation, product development, marketing, and business model innovation. 

With enthusiastic participation and a robust foundation laid during the workshop, the journey towards integrating CSR practices within regional furnishings companies embarks on a promising trajectory. As participants embark on the coaching sessions, guided by AMBIT and collaborating entities, the vision of fostering sustainable business practices and driving positive societal impact within the furnishings sector inches closer to fruition. 

Through collaborative efforts and ongoing support, AMBIT remains committed to empowering regional companies on their journey towards sustainable growth and prosperity.