Circularity in the Wood Industry: Insights from the Slovenian Workshop 

Feb 14, 2024

In the realm of sustainable development, the woodworking industry stands as a crucial player in the journey towards a circular economy. The recent Preliminary National Workshop, spearheaded by the Wood Industry Cluster in Slovenia, illuminated pathways toward circularity within the sector. Held on the 27th of September 2023 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, this workshop served as a platform for knowledge dissemination, interactive discussions, and the cultivation of innovative strategies. 

The workshop, titled “Circularity in the Wood Industry – Goals, Tools, Examples from Practices,” aimed to inform Slovenian woodworking companies about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives while identifying potential candidates for coaching. With 14 enthusiastic participants in attendance, the event was hosted at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. 

The workshop’s agenda was meticulously crafted to cover various facets of circularity in the wood industry, including green concepts, the ESPR agreement, preparation strategies, circular product design, circular business models, tools for circular practices, and best practice examples. 

The workshop embraced interactive methodologies, leveraging modern technology and traditional mediums. Participants engaged interactively through smartphones, ensuring real-time feedback and engagement. Additionally, group activities focused on specific woodworking products—chairs, cupboards, and windows—instigated lively debates on implementing circularity in product design and production. Participants actively brainstormed potential hurdles and devised strategies to overcome challenges in embracing circular practices. 

The workshop concluded on a positive note, with participants expressing satisfaction with the content, delivery, and organization. Notable takeaways included exemplary practices inspiring participants, knowledge transfer to integrate circular principles into company strategies, and stimulated interest in monitoring and complying with relevant directives and legislation. 

Looking ahead, the workshop identified two potential candidates for intensive coaching sessions, aimed at furthering their commitment to circular practices. While confirmation remains pending, the workshop has laid a solid foundation for ongoing collaboration and progress within the Slovenian woodworking industry. 

The Preliminary National Workshop on circularity in the wood industry in Slovenia stands as a testament to the sector’s dedication to sustainable transformation. By fostering knowledge exchange, promoting innovative strategies, and inspiring action, the workshop has set a precedent for driving circularity forward, paving the way for a more sustainable future in woodworking.