Amsterdam hosts ALLVIEW Consortium at the CoVE Forum 2023! 

Oct 5, 2023

The ALLVIEW consortium made its mark at the CoVE Forum Centres of Vocational Excellence 2023 in Amsterdam on the 25th and 26th of a recent month. This participation was a vital component of the broader ALLVIEW project. The forum itself was masterfully organized by Katapult and held vocational education and training (VET) under the spotlight, emphasizing its pivotal role in addressing the ever-evolving needs of society. 

Here’s a snapshot of the key takeaways from the CoVE Forum 2023: 

  • It was universally acknowledged that VET providers, employers, and governments collectively bear the responsibility of equipping the workforce with the skills necessary to meet the immediate and future societal demands. 
  • The dynamic nature of societal needs necessitates constant updates to VET curricula, encompassing both content and delivery methods. This imperative extends to integrating emerging skills like those in the realms of green and digital technologies. 
  • Beyond technical expertise, there was a resounding call for the development of social and professional skills. These competencies empower individuals to effectively navigate across sectors, borders, and professions, enabling them to tackle complex societal challenges head-on. 
  • The forum underscored the pivotal role of applied research and innovation within the VET sphere. Such endeavors disseminate the latest advancements to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within the skills ecosystem, provide proof of concepts, and propel the transition toward green and digital technologies. 
  • Collaboration between VET providers, the labor market, and government entities was emphasized as a means to co-create solutions aligning education and training with societal needs. This synergy results in the delivery of high-quality education and training, fosters applied research, fuels innovation in professions, and cultivates shared learning environments. 
  • The CoVE Forum served as an invaluable platform for VET stakeholders to share their insights, lessons learned, and best practices. This knowledge exchange was instrumental in avoiding redundancy and nurturing innovation within the VET sector. 

The CoVE Community of Practice, a collaborative initiative among Erasmus Centers of Vocational Excellence project leaders, was at the heart of this gathering. Its primary goal is to foster knowledge sharing, mutual inspiration, and collaborative problem-solving among these leaders as they work towards the realization of their individual Centers of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs). 

The two-day agenda was meticulously structured and packed with valuable content. Eminent experts took the stage, contributing their expertise to the discourse. By bringing together these experts and stakeholders from diverse sectors and CoVEs, the forum provided fertile ground for the cross-pollination of ideas and experiences, ultimately enhancing vocational education and training systems and practices. 

As we bid adieu to Amsterdam, we look forward to the next CoVE Forum in September 2024, set to take place in Lyon. We hope to see you there, as we continue our journey of enhancing vocational education and training for the betterment of society.