“ALLVIEW” has landed: the kick off meeting of our new project on EU VET policy

Nov 16, 2020

On the 12nd and 13th November the KOM of ALLVIEWAlliance of Centres of Vocational Excellence in the Furniture and Wood took place in an online meeting due to the COVID-19 emergency.
The KOM was organized and managed thanks to the great organization of the coordinator of the project and the cooperation of all 22 partners from different European countries, backgrounds and expertise.
Allview project focuses the attention on the role that centers of professional excellence have in EU VET policy, a topic which today is becoming of particular importance.

In particular the project focuses on VET centers of excellence in 2 specific sectors, namely: furniture and wood. Within these two sectors, EU VET schools seek to implement effective laboratory activities for the training of their students through the use of “traditional methods” of wood and furniture manufacturing.
However, what emerges from the analysis of these sectors is that there is a lack of training on certain topics related to technological innovation and both social and environmental challenges.

In this regards Allview partners want to experience is learning based on the dual system in which students and teachers, through practical internships and in-company training, are able to prepare the workforce of the future by equipping them with the most innovative skills required by the labor market.

ALLVIEW will involve the main representatives of the sector and the regional training authorities with the aim of adapting all the results to the sectoral needs and aligning them with all the main VET policies, ensuring their sustainability.

To support all of this an European Dual Training platform for the Wood and Furniture sector will be realize and the following objectives and related activities will be put in place:

• A framework based on AI/ML for reinforcement learning in order to predict future skills needs and suggest career path planning
• Development of new curricula and learning outcomes in the following topics: Industry 4.0, Circular Economy, Ambient Assisted Living and Corporate Social Responsibility.
• New tools and teaching methodologies using AR/VR and 3D printing
• A broad range of mobility actions of students and teachers.
• Blueprint (governance) strategy in the field of Furniture and Wood Sector.

During the KOM partners set up some activities that they will implement in the 1st year of the project. There will be different groups that will take care of different WPs but at the same time they will work all together to reach the objectives of the project.

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