D1.4 – ALLVIEW AL/ML algorithms

The main objective of task 1.4 is to design and develop the ALLVIEW platform engine, based on Recommender System (RS) algorithms, a branch of Artificial Intelligence(AI)/Machine Learning (ML). The goal is to offer a front-end with a personal Learning and Development (L&D) portal through the use of the two RS techniques most suitable for the ALLVIEW platform: content-based and collaborative filtering techniques. The algorithms take user data as inputs of the RS and reports user recommendations, based on their profile, needs or preferences, where skills and ESCO competences are included in the catalogThe RS reports recommendations of suitable learning paths, training courses or job positions. The evaluation of  the ML techniques is also performed for each use case identified in D1.2. Finally, the platform deployment is presented including the cloud solution provider and the structure of the public repository, where the open-source code has been allocated. You can download the long version of the report here