Partners meet again in Ljubljana for the consortium meeting

May 17, 2023

On the 10th and 11th May 2023 all 22 partners of ALLVIEW – Alliance of Centers of Vocational Excellence in the Furniture and Wood sector project meet in Ljubljana (Slovenia) for the 7th consortium meeting.

ALLVIEW aims to develop sectoral synergies to encourage the growth of professional training for the wood and furniture sectors and make them more attractive, through the creation of a European network of organizations.

This time it was the three Slovenian organizations WIC, ULUB and CIP who organized the meeting in every detail.

The first day of the meeting was held at the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, and after a short greeting from the host countries the project coordinator (CETEM) introduced the partners to the managerial and financial aspects of ALLVIEW. The partners reviewed together the feedback given by the second report forwarded to the European Commission and put forward suggestions for improvements for the activities to be implemented.

After, the following materials were reviewed by the WP leaders:

  • WP1 – AI-based skills assessment framework – UPCT university leader of the platform highlighted the feedback received from partners and illustrated the possibilities for improvement in the research section.
  • WP2 – Blended Learning Library – The leaders AMUEBLA organization took stock of the situation and showed the e-learning platform in beta version to the partners. The materials are ready and in the following phases the partners will translate the content in order to disseminate the various courses in all the countries of the consortium.
  • WP3 – KET kit for teaching in the W&F sector – KIT university has finished the various exercises made with 3D printing and AR-VR and MR technologies, these are ready for the internal testing phase of the consortium.
  • WP4 – Corporate and Social responsibility – CEIPES organisation with the help of HDH illustrated the guide on Social investment return and subsequently organized a Workshop with the help of WIC in which the foundations were laid for the future SMEs coaching phase concerning the CSR topics.

On day 2, however, the meeting took place at ULUB facilities. On this occasion the partners and in particular FLA presented the work carried out in WP5 – Dual Learning Cooperation and in particular the various mobilities that are being implemented in Europe with teachers and students from various technical institutes and universities to allow the exchange of good practices and be trained on the hot topics of the project.

EURADA then highlighted the work done in WP6 – Blue Print in the F&W sector and in particular the feedback received from the various regional stakeholder groups and the roll out events that were organized in Italy and Spain.

The work done by the project partners is great and will continue until the end of it and then move on to the material exploitation phase.

Furthermore, CEIPES presented the dissemination work carried out in these two years of the project. an advancement of the project website while AMBIT the quality assurance part that acts as a fundamental pillar for the entire implementation.

Time was also dedicated to the cultural and interest activities of the partners in the wood and furniture sector.

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