In Bordeaux (France) for the 6th transnational meeting

Nov 28, 2022

On the 23rd and 24th November the consortium of “ALLVIEW” met in Bordeaux, France at FBCA facilities to carry out the 6th transnational meeting of the project.

The 24 partners that in the previous months implemented a lot of activities regarding the ALLVIEW platform created a well-structured agenda in which all the main points and issues about the implementation of it well discussed.

During the meeting not only the managerial aspect were pointed out but also the e-learning platform with all the materials, the platform in which will be possible to match enterprises and candidates about the W&F sector, the exercises developed with the 3D printing, the virtual, augmented and mixed reality, the CSR analysis and the social investment return guide, the strategy to involve the Government and Institutions about the W&F of the VET field, the mobilities performed and also all the strategy to disseminate all these materials realised.

During the meeting also different workshops were organized to allow partners to work in a cooperative way sharing information, expertise and point of view.

Partners have reached during these 2 years great results and they will met again in Slovenia on May 2023

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