ALLVIEW project at the INNOTECS Study Visits

May 17, 2023

On the 8th and 9th of May, ALLVIEW partner CEIPES took part in a study visit organised by INNOTECS, an international organisation focused on vocational education and training (VET), working as a network involving schools, teachers and professionals from the VET sector. The event was hosted by the Viden Djurs, a VET provider located in Greena (Denmark).

A varied programme was proposed for the two days, aiming at providing participants with valuable insights into Denmark’s innovative practices in the VET field, cutting-edge technologies, and sustainable solutions. The itinerary was thoughtfully designed to facilitate knowledge sharing about organisations involved as well as about sharing innovative practices.

During the first day, all participants had the opportunity to discover the Danish VET system and visit different VET providers situated in Greena, meeting some students and learning about their educational path, including their working experience for local companies.

Furthermore, an expert from the Teknologisk Institut gave a speech about how the green and digital transition will influence labour market in the future and how it will influence the VET and technical employees.

The second day all participants were engaged in round tables to present project results, share experience about European projects and discuss about innovative practices applied. CEIPES presented “ALLVIEW – Alliance of Centres of Vocational Excellence in the Furniture and Wood Sector” the CoVE project representing a prestigious example of innovation in VET field.

Afterwards, the participants visited the Grenaa Heating Plant, discovering the functioning of the district heating, with solar heating system, representing a sustainable model for the country.

To enhance cross-cultural understanding and foster collaboration, the study visit also featured networking sessions, engaging with local entrepreneurs and policymakers, exchanging ideas and forging potential partnerships.

The study visit was enriching and inspiring for all participants and INNOTECS network proved to be a great system to deal with vocational education and training future challenges.