ALLVIEW – Analysis of open-source tools for skill assessment matching under ESCO system. Gaps and needs identified.

Sep 19, 2022

The consortium of partners of the ALLVIEW project is glad to announce that the first report of WP1.1 AI-based skills assessment framework – Analysis and evaluation of current open-source tools for skill assessment matching under ESCO system is now available in the download section of our website

This is a first step of a more complex work under development in the framework of WP1, where the main result will be an open-source software platform (ALLVIEW platform) for broad skills assessment, identifying specific areas in need of development, and offering targeted training to address the defined gaps. The resulting tool will deliver training path recommendations, for workers and enterprises, VET-centre suggestions, enterprise skill needs, learning outcomes, etc…

The partners involved in WP1 have performed this analysis of the state of art in open-source software tools for skill assessment, with the goal of finding gaps and needs to be covered in the ALLVIEW platform. The state of art describes in depth 12 software tools based on 16 features for the ALLVIEW platform requirements.

The existing tools studied cover some of the requirements set for the ALLVIEW platform, but none of those platforms covers all of them. One of the most important features is to integrate the ESCO classification, the European reference on skills, occupations, and professional profiles.

To add extra value to the analysis, the opinion of stakeholders and final users of the ALLVIEW platform have been collected through a set of questionnaires. The analysis of the responses have reinforced the gaps and needs identified.

A sustainability and exploitation plan, for the future ALLVIEW platform, is also included, in which we explain how the consortium will ensure its continuity after the end of the project.
Finally, the main conclusions will be used as input for the next tasks in WP1.
The document here presented is in English.

Report on analysis of open-source tools for skill assessment